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Accent Colors

10.02.2013 WRITTEN BY Stephanie How to Wear

Many of us are afraid of color.  We stick to our neutral colors and why wouldn’t we, they go with everything.  It makes getting dressed that much easier, but do we all just want to blend in with one another? I didn’t think so.  Incorporating accent colors to your neutral outfits will helps to spice them up and help you stand out from the crowd.  Just by adding a yellow top, turquoise clutch, purple scarf or any color piece will bring some life to your outfit. A few celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Jessica Alba and Keira Knightley are perfect examples of how to wear accent colors.



Still a little worried about how to incorporate your accent colors? Don’t be.  You can take a completely neutral outfit and incorporate an accent color by adding a red heel or green bag or even an orange necklace. Any colorful piece that you add to a neutral outfit is a great way to add an accent color to your outfit. Even adding a great shade of red lipstick or colored nail polish adds an accent color to your neutral outfit. Black and white polka dots or striped garments are great to add accent colors too. For examples adding a yellow scarf to a striped shirt or adding a pair of red pumps to a polka dot dress are great ways to add accent colors to an outfit.  So, will you be standing out from the crowd with accent colors?



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