About us

We started Tog + Porter to solve the problem that so many women face every day: we all want to look impeccably stylish, but at the end of the day just don’t have time nor the patience to shop for clothes.

We’re done with treks to the mall that either leave us empty-handed, or holding bags of things we’ll never wear. We’re overrun with online retailers that offer shiny photos, but little in the way of personalized service.

With that in mind, we built the service that we wished we could find: one that offers personal attention, perfect style and incredible convenience.

Every woman deserves a stylist and Tog + Porter is our solution for women who want to look and feel confident, without the hours spent sorting through the racks.

We hope you’ll give us a try! We think you’ll be amazed at how rewarding it is to work with a stylist who takes the time to get to know you – and whose biggest goal is to help you look gorgeous every day. Our entire team is truly passionate about giving you a closet you love and a little more time in your day!

All our best,

Ashley & Ellie

Co-Founders, Tog+Porter

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