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10.03.2012 WRITTEN BY Angela How to Wear, T+P Blog Central

Here are T+P’s Top 10 Favorite Ways to be Military Chic:

1. Trench Coat: Everyone’s favorite coat.  Great for work, the weekend, and date night!  The traditional trench will never go out of style but if you are looking for something different try a crop, print, or both.

2.  Boots: T+P could literally show you thousands of boots or we can empower you during your next shoe shopping trip.  Check out U2’s “Get On Your Boots” (Justice Remix)

3. Green: You’ve seen the green jacket, pants, skirt, shirt…what about a Mary Jane?

4. Aviators:  Angelina Jolie is the beautiful poster child for these shades.  Try them in a flattering yellow tint in these limited edition Ray-Bans.

5. Khaki: Slim, cropped, and in a bright color gives khaki a shot of fun.

6. Camo:  Camo is back in rotation for fall but can also make its rounds when spring arrives.  Keep the leg slim to remove the trooper effect.

7. Cape: Great for evenings, a cape provides a dramatic effect without sacrificing comfort.

8. Duffle Bag: Not just for laundry, try a smaller size in a smooth leather for your next everyday bag.

9. Anorak: Try punching it up in a surprisingly versatile orange.

10. Shearling: A faux Shearling is a great transition piece from fall to winter.

Image Source: The Satoralist, Style Bistro

2 Responses to “A-10-Hut!”
  • deb

    My next self imposed challenge is how to wear military in the office… i’m thinking a military green colored skirt might be cute though how would you match a top and shoes to that for work? My first thought is a chambray top but that won’t fly in my office.

    • Angela

      I would stick to a neutral either black, white, beige. But navy and green looks good together with brown boots or pumps.

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