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6 Tips for Swimwear Shopping

7.18.2012 WRITTEN BY Camilla How to Wear, What to Wear

Summer is in full swing and many of us are still putting off making that (often times dreaded) bathing suit purchase.  Take solace in knowing that you are not alone and when armed with a few key pieces of information, you can and will get through this!

My 6 tips:

1.) Take comfort in knowing that there is a large variety of styles to choose from for every shape and size!

2.) Go shopping on a “good day!”…just like you shouldn’t go to the grocery store when you are hungry…never go bathing suit shopping when you aren’t feeling you absolute most beautiful self.

3.) Take a confidant shopping with you.  They will be there to support, provide a second pair of eyes and offer constructive feedback – much like your T+P stylist does for you!

4.) Find a suit that plays to your best assets!  If you are fuller around the middle, opt for a one piece with some carefully placed ruching or a pattern to cleverly disguise your tummy.  The athletic physique should choose a suit with cut outs or a one-shoulder number to help give the appearance of those womanly curves your crave.   Small busted gals should reach for a padded top, a halter top, a ruffled top and solid bottoms are always a good idea if you are wearing a two piece.  Lastly, the larger busted will find an under wire cup with wider straps will provide the necessary support.  A customized top in their bra size is an excellent avenue to choose and definitely should go darker on top and lighter on bottom with a two piece.

5.) Skip the trip to the mall and shop online –  you can try it on at home with your own “dim” lighting!

6.) Lastly, as a general rule, sizing up is always wise with swimwear.

(Image credits: (Top L, clockwise) 6 Shore Road, J.Crew, J.Crew, Marc by Marc Jacobs; Graphic by Shannon Oertle)

2 Responses to “6 Tips for Swimwear Shopping”
  • 08.01.2012

    Great tips, but they sort of got lost in translation. I might have taken this article more seriously if the “larger bust” and “athletic build” models were actually that. And I’m still not sure why that cute little gal needs to hide her middle.

    • 08.01.2012

      Thanks for stopping in Sugar. We agree about the “larger bust” and “athletic build” models. We searched long and hard, but couldn’t find an image that included both the type of suit we were suggesting as well as the body type we were recommending it for. We do appreciate the feedback though.

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