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5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Alright ladies, we all know how busy we are. Holidays have a habit of sneaking up on us, and not everyone plans their Halloween costume a month in advance. For those that do, touche. For the rest of us, here’s 5 last minute Halloween costume ideas. The bonus? Most of them you can pull together from your own closet.


Easy peasy combines with girl power to make Rosie the Riveter. Throw together some denim on denim, tie your hair up in a bandana and add a red lip. Don’t forget to flash your guns so the boys won’t forget that “we can do it”.


Have a bit of tweed laying around? Add a pipe, a wool cap and a trench coat and stay warm while you start solving some mysteries.


Been wondering how to put grandma’s old wardrobe to good use? Clean off the moth balls and go as Tippi Hedren from The Birds. Fake blood and birds optional, but awesome.


If you are going the couples costume route, these cute burglars require only black pants and striped shirts, with a mask and some gloves and beanies. Don’t have gloves and beanies? Don a beret and fake a french accent. Don’t have a beret? Paint your face white and be a mime. Its a pretty versatile costume.


Last but not least, unleash your inner dark side and wear your best black cocktail dress and a Darth Vader mask. Luke….I…am…your…Mother?

Want more Halloween costume ideas? Visit our pinterest page  We have ideas for kid’s costumes too!

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