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4 Tips and a Guide on Packing for Family Vacations

6.29.2012 WRITTEN BY Ashley Just for Fun, T+P Blog Central, What to Wear

When it comes to mom responsibilities, packing for the family trip is probably on that list. With two kids under 4, I’ve found myself facing that little conundrum more than a few times and to be successful I always follow a few simple rules.

1) Plan ahead. I mean like a month ahead, nothing crazy. For clothes, place each day’s complete outfit in a ziplock bag and label. Don’t forget one extra. It’s also strangely rewarding to have the lightest suitcase you’ve ever had, like a personal best for packing. Keep a gold star handy and give yourself one!

2) Roll, don’t fold. Since a post-college back-packing trip through Europe, I will forever be a roller. Clothes are less likely to wrinkle and fit in tighter spaces in your suitcase. Socks, ties & accessories can go inside shoes to save space and you should definitely bring along an empty bag for dirty clothes (depending on your laundry situation).

3) Make one store run for non-clothing items. Make a list before you go: wipes, baggies, entertainment, snacks and call it good. Try your hardest to only make one run. Otherwise, you end up with gobs of stuff you can’t even fit in your suitcase/need (as in 3 different bug sprays and two new nail polishes). Even try drugstore.com

4) Pack the kid stuff together. My kids share a suitcase. At 1 and 3, they love being part of the process, it helps them learn responsibility for their own things and, organizationally, it keeps their things nice and neat and gives me a good gauge of whether I’m over packing for them. If we’re flying, it’s a perfect carry-on size so I store a little container full of crayons, books, a little Dinosaur Train and my last-resort Disney sing-along DVDs. Also stash a travel size first aid kit & hand sanitizer. You do not need to bring every single toy your kid owns!

My must have items for traveling :

1.Kid’s Suitcase: Trunki 2. Cozy blankie for the cold plane from Aden and Anais 3.  travel scale 4. pre-paid & printed shipping label to ship back any goodies 5. lint roller 6. first aid kit 7. Charley Harper book 8. The Laundress Wrinkle Spray 9. Baggu Bag, folds up easily, nylon, can store wet items in a pinch 10. Tide packets to wash clothes in the sink in case of emergencies

Enjoy your travels and make beautiful family memories!

(Image via smallnotebook.org,Trunki from Melissa and Doug, blanket, book, and Baggu bag from Darling Clementine Shop)

2 Responses to “4 Tips and a Guide on Packing for Family Vacations”
  • 06.29.2012

    This post is spot on! This weekend I took a week trip to MN and NYC, and strangely enough packed lighter than I typically do for a weekend trip! It was very rewarding and a great justifyer to go shopping! And secondly, ever since a trip traveling through Italy in college, I too, learned the space-benefits of rolling everything! No wrinkles, and saves space!

    • 06.29.2012

      Funny how backpacking after college will do that to you. Thanks for stopping in Andrea and please let us know if there is any way we can help you in the future.

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