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3 Summer Styles You Can Wear this Fall

7.30.2012 WRITTEN BY Catie How to Wear, Shopping trends, Style Guide, What to Wear

Picturing yourself in your mint blouses or coral jeans might not seem like an average fall look, but we are going to show you how to make these standout summer pieces last. Fall2012’s color palette makes the transition easier with a refreshing new take on the standard jewel tones. Expect the unexpected with colors like tangerine, navy blue, chartreuse and dusty pinks paired with traditional honey golds, rich browns and charcoal grays.

How to Wear Your Colored Denim

An easy way to keep wearing your colored denim is by breaking up the brightness; tuck the jeans into an ankle boot or tall boot to stay cozy and tone down your bold denim.

Try layering cozy knits like over-sized sweaters and chunky scarves in neutral or dark tones back to your red hot skinnies to assert your “fallness.”

How to Wear Your Bright Tops

Wearing your favorite bright blouse into the fall season is perfectly acceptable, in fact we encourage it. Pair those blouses with dark pants and the right jacket to glide into fall.  A leather (or pleather, we won’t tell) jacket or a military-style jacket will help tone down the color and toughen-up the brightness.  Jackets in camels, greens, or grays will do the job perfectly.

Try soft colorblocking with a cardigan or blazer in one of the new fall shades like ultramarine worn over your mint blouse. The result is a look that’s current and feminine for work or for play.

How to Max-out Your Maxi

Ease your maxi-dress or maxi-skirt into fall with heeled booties and chunky jewelry. Accessories are an easy way to make your maxi last but maintain the effortless vibe. A wool fedora, oversized gems and glam rings will all give maxi a fresh look.

Warm your maxi up with a cropped sweater, chunky cardigan, or a tied-up plaid shirt. Try pieces in your favorite Fall 2012 shades like lavender or tangerine to personalize the look and add dimension to your maxi.


Image Credits: Press, Golden Ponies, Frye Boots

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