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6.24.2011 WRITTEN BY Ashley Links of the Week, Stylishly Linked

Jennifer Aniston looking stunning as usual at a Horrible Bosses press conference in these drop dead amazing Michael Kors shoes.

The Fourth of July is just around the corner! Such an easy little DIY project that adds a touch of Americana to your life. Think I’ll try this project with my little one this weekend. Tape, paint, repeat. Totally doable.

After having to cancel my hair appointment 3 WEEKS AGO (GASP!!) I finally got things sorted out today, but for the past 21 days, these hats would have been an absolute lifesaver!

We retweeted this earlier this week and still can’t get enough. A candle that smells like newsprint! Call us old-fashioned, but reading the paper on our iPhone never smelled so good.

Find your favorite summer hairstyle with looks that fit and flatter your face shape.

Do you want to see Vanessa marry Nick or Kim marry Kris? You may just get to see both brides tie the knot as both celeb couples look like they’ll be heading down the aisle in HD.

Happy weekend all! Enjoy the first weekend of summer!


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