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1 dress, 4 ways

6.02.2014 WRITTEN BY Noah How to Wear, Inspiration, Style Guide, What to Wear

Ever been sold on something you didn’t want, with the promise that it was an “investment piece”?  “Invest” is a term thrown around a lot in the fashion industry in an attempt to make customers justify a splurge. At T+P, you have at your fingertips a  personal stylist who can give meaning to the term “invest” when it comes to clothing. We are a team of highly trained style professionals who sincerely want to help you look your best (hey, it’s our reputation too!). We help you choose pieces that are really worth investing in. Pieces you will use again and again in a multitude of different ways. These pieces are worth their weight in gold, as they are the foundation to a great outfit, you look and feel great in them, and let’s face it, we value things that cost a little more. Just to clarify, we’re talking classics here (aka the perfect blouse, little black jacket, perfect pair of denim, etc…). That colorful, digital print, neoprene dress you’ve been eying…. probably not an “investment piece”, pick one up on the cheap and then give it away when you’re sick of it.

Here’ a little example of  how far a great dress can go (and it doesn’t stop here, there are dozens more looks to be made) , just to get the wheels turning:


1 dress 4 ways


Need help deciding which pieces to invest in? Contact a T+P stylist!

(Links via: Noah Shaw’s Polyvore)

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